The Real Price of Aluminium Windows and Doors

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Aluminum Window And Door Prices – FAQs

Aluminium windows and doors prices are a consideration for most people planning to build.

The stylish and aesthetic display of aluminum windows and doors gives your building that unique, appealing look. The beauty that they offer in homes is creating a popular trend for them. Aluminum windows and doors are very durable. Using them could mean a long-term investment in your property. However, aluminum window prices and door prices can be pretty expensive.

In getting the prices for aluminum windows and doors, here are some frequently asked questions to help you.

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  • Why are Aluminium Windows so expensive?

Aluminum windows are more expensive due to the manufacturing process and the materials that the fabricators use in making them. 

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Several factors constitute the cost of aluminum windows. The manufacturing cost of aluminum as a metal is quite expensive. It takes some energy-consuming processes to mine and separates the aluminum from its ore.


Also, the electrolytic process of getting pure aluminum metal requires electricity which could be costly. There is also the cost relating to highly skilled labour that’s required to assemble aluminium windows and doors.  As a result, the manufacturing process of aluminum frames is expensive. These impact the price of your aluminum windows, making them a bit more expensive than other types of windows.  


Aluminium windows have recently become the popular choice for most homeowners. The significant advantages of using aluminum as a window frame are inexplicable. They offer a clear view of your surroundings and add to the aesthetic appearance of your home.

  • How much do Aluminium windows cost in South Africa?

The cost of aluminum windows is dependent on several factors. Some of these factors include the type, size, design, frame coating, colour and others. In some cases, the company you are buying from may include the installation cost if you desire. Otherwise, you can source the installation from other places.

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Whatever it may be, the average price for aluminium windows range between R 950 – R 6,000 in South Africa.

  • How much does an Aluminium door cost in South Africa?

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Also, when it comes to aluminum doors, the cost will depend on the number and size of panels included. A folding door with five panels is more costly than one with just three panels.


Generally, the cost of standard aluminum doors in South Africa is between R 6,000 to R 45 000.

  • How much does a sliding glass door cost?


The use of sliding doors in your home can be very stylish and classy. With recent innovation in technology, sliding doors now give safety to homes. There are also energy-efficient types of sliding doors that can help you to conserve energy and save cost.

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The price of sliding doors depends on some factors. These include glass type, size, aluminum frame coating, number of panels, etc. 


The overall cost for sliding doors can be summarized as follows:

  • Average range R 3,000 to R 9,000
  • National average cost R 6,000
  • Minimum cost R 3,000
  • Maximum cost R 25,000


  • Are Aluminium front doors expensive?


front entrance door aluminium pivot doors colours pivot glass doors SigmadoorsAluminum front doors are costly because the material is durable and can serve you for many years. These front doors are categorized as premium products. That’s part of why they are more expensive than other options of front doors. 


However, when you consider its stylish looks, durability, sturdiness, and simple maintenance culture, its cost can be worth its investment. Also, aluminum front doors have a long lifespan. So you don’t need to make a replacement, unlike other front door options in the market.


Your front doors speak lots of volume about your personality and class. Choosing aluminum front doors for your home is one of the best choices for a modern and classy entrance to your building. 


Aluminum front doors offer sleek and stylish beauty to homes. They are durable, robust against the elements, and designed with more security features to give you maximum home protection.


Though aluminum front doors may be expensive, they remain the best choice economically in the long run.


  • Are sliding doors expensive?


Sliding doors are slightly more expensive than hinged doors. One of the reasons is the cost of the track system of the sliding door, which is more expensive than using hinges.  

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Sliding doors work on a different mechanism from that of hinged doors, and it’s based on the track and roller system.


Sliding doors have different mechanisms from other conventional doors. It doesn’t use hinges on the sides, unlike other doors where the hinges must appear on the sides to hold the door. There are horizontal glides on both the top and bottom frames of a sliding door. Those glides and the rollers of the door enable the efficient opening and closing of a sliding door.


Sliding doors are trendy in most modern buildings today due to the aesthetic appeal they add to a home. The doors are easy and simple to maintain. Also, they last longer than hinged doors. Sliding can also be designed with some security features for the safety of your home.

  • Should I buy sliding or folding doors?


Buying sliding doors for your home can be a great aesthetic and classy investment. They operate on a different mechanism, and this is one of the factors that makes them different from other doors. In comparison with folding doors, sliding doors usually have both fixed and movable panels.

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On the other hand, folding doors are unique on their own too. They also create a beautiful aura in homes. With more than one panel, folding doors are designed such that the operation of each panel links with the next.


While considering whether to buy sliding or folding doors, it all depends on your taste and desire for a door. Sliding doors have more glass but less frame in their design than folding doors. When it comes to full opening for doors, folding doors are your better choice. You can’t fully open sliding doors.


On the factor of cost, both sliding and folding doors can be costly depending on the size and systems mechanism of the doors. However, if you’re opting for much bigger sizes, sliding doors will be more expensive. This is due to the cost of the additional glass for the bigger size, which will require the extra cost.


On thermal efficiency, it will be relative to both the glass and aluminum frame in the doors. When every condition is constant, the aluminum frame is less thermally efficient than glass. So the sliding door, which has more glass and less frame, is more thermally efficient. Hence, buying sliding doors will help you to save cost on energy.


  • How much does it cost to fit aluminum windows?


The cost of installing or fitting aluminum windows may vary. The price will depend on the type and size of the windows. The number of panels you desire for the windows is often part of the factors affecting the cost.


In fitting aluminum windows, some cost quotations will include the aluminum framing, the glass, and the exterior flashing and trimming. Also, there may be a cost of transportation since aluminium windows can be quite heavy to carry and transport.

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Here are some rough estimations in fitting a standard 1500 x 1500mm aluminum window in different parts of South Africa.

Average aluminum windows installation – Cape Town R 1,050 – R 1,850

Average aluminum windows installation – Johannesburg R  650 – R 1,500

Average aluminum windows installation – Durban R  450 – R 1,200

Average aluminum windows installation – Pretoria R  600 – R 1,450


Note however that installing aluminum windows is relatively easy and as a result, technically inclined people can easily undertake their own installations with no problem.


A proper installation of aluminum windows gives the house a better cosmetic feel. Aluminum as the framing material is very simple and easy to maintain. Just a simple wiping with soft clothing keeps the frame shining. It is also durable and has a long lifespan. So installing aluminum windows is like a good investment for your building. Also, you can fit your aluminum windows to be thermally efficient and reduce energy costs.

  • Are Aluminium Windows cheaper?

Aluminum windows are not cheaper when you compare the cost to other materials. Using aluminum as the frame for windows affects the cost of the windows. Comparing it with other materials such as uPVC and wood shows that aluminum windows are more expensive. 


Unlike the other materials, aluminum windows do not require frequent or periodic replacement. So the longevity of aluminum windows can cushion their high cost.


Aluminum is a durable and strong metal. It has a longer lifespan than several other materials which are used as window frames. Also, aluminum is resistant to corrosion and other harsh weather conditions. It can withstand the outside elements without tarnishing. 


Its maintenance is very simple, and it needs no extra chemicals for cleaning. Wiping it with clean, soft clothing keeps the aluminum metal shining again.

On a general comparison, aluminum doors are cheaper than timber. The durability of aluminum doors against the element is what most people will find attractive.  A door should be presentable, robust, and be a complementary part of your home. While choosing between aluminum and timber doors, you’ll make lots of consideration and, of course, the cost.


Aluminum doors are generally more durable than timber doors. Aluminum as a metal has an inherent strength that makes aluminum doors stronger. Also, aluminum is resistant to weather attacks, doesn’t corrode, and has a simple maintenance culture.


However, timber doors can quickly rot and decay over time. They are also affected by weather conditions. So, you will always need to replace timber doors regularly. Their maintenance is also quite expensive.


When it comes to aesthetic appeal, timber doors are better options than aluminum doors. You can easily carve and design timber to your taste. They bring out the beauty of your home in a unique way that can only be experienced than imagined.

  • Are Aluminium Windows cheaper than wood?


Aluminum windows are cheaper than wood in the long run. But wooden windows are cheaper in the short run. While choosing between an aluminum window and a wooden window, you will need to consider lots of factors. Both aluminum and wood windows have their pros and cons in using them for your home that invariably affects their cost.

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Aluminum as a metal is resistant to corrosion and other climatic factors. It doesn’t warp. The material is solid, and that makes its windows outstanding. For wood, it rots and warps with time. It’s easily affected by climatic conditions such as humidity and sunlight. Though wood is strong, aluminum is stronger.


In terms of durability, aluminum windows are better than wood. They are stronger, and with proper care, aluminum windows can last for decades in your homes. The wood windows are less durable than aluminum windows. They will always need replacement due to warping, expansion, or contraction from weather effects.


In coloring, both materials can get any color of your choice. Generally, aluminum windows are cheaper and more cost-effective than wood windows. When you consider the total installation and maintenance cost for aluminum windows, you’ll discover that you’ve made a huge saving for yourself.

  • Are sliding doors more expensive than French doors?


In overall cost, sliding doors are less expensive than French doors. A sliding door has both moveable and stationary parts. There’s a sliding of the moveable part parallel to the stationary part. This creates overlap and a walkthrough for one to pass. 


French doors have two identical doors fixed side-by-side. The opening can be outward or inward, depending on your selective pattern.


French doors have the capacity of easier opening and closing than sliding doors. When you’re in a hurry, French doors give you easier and quick access in and out of the house than the sliding doors.


With sliding doors, you’ll get lots of light inside your home.  This is because sliding doors have larger panels of glass than French doors. Also, the use of sliding creates room for you to adjust your opening. You may not want to let in much air. You may also decide to keep off your pet from entering along with you. But with the French doors, such opening adjustments are not available.  A push for opening will invariably open the two side doors of a French door.


Also, sliding doors are made with thinner frames, while the frames for French doors are much bulky. The frame design makes sliding doors more aesthetically suitable for modern buildings; however, French doors are more compatible with traditionally heritage buildings.


When it comes to thermal efficiency, sliding doors are better options than French doors. Though with the use of multiple glazing, you can increase the thermal efficiency of any door you choose.

  • Does aluminum window color fade?

Aluminum windows are part of the features that add to the aesthetic of your home. With the recent increase in the use of aluminum windows, most modern buildings have found great value in them. 

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You may even decide to customize the color of your aluminum windows to any of your favorite colors. This gives you more satisfaction in the beauty of your home.


But as the years roll by, there may be some changes you’ll notice on your aluminum windows. Though aluminum as a metal is quite resistant to corrosion, your aluminum window color can fade with time. Where the aluminum windows are powder coated anodized, they can fade. Chalky and faded aluminum windows will ruin the aesthetic appearance of your home. The fading often appears as a dull color and is majorly caused by a lack of proper maintenance and cleaning.


In some salt-air and coastal environments, air pollution can be a contributory factor to the aluminum color fading. Also, bits of salt in the environment can cause the corrosion of the powder coats or oxidize. In cities with lots of industry gas pollution, acidic rains can also add to the color fading.


Regularly cleaning and proper maintenance (at least every three months) can help to control the fading.

  • Do black Aluminium windows fade?

In the world of design, black is gaining more popularity. More people are going for black interior and exterior windows and doors. They believe that black is bold, beautiful, and hot. Using black aluminum windows has an amazing way of displaying class and elegance in your building.


However, black aluminum windows are liable to fading with time. This is due to the neglect of some factors which could promote the longevity of the color. Some of these factors include the aluminum thickness, type of paint finish, and window elevation.


A measure of the thickness of the aluminum window frame determines the durability of any finish on it. The two types of thickness are the extruded form and the roll form. The extruded aluminum form is thicker and tends to retain its coating for a longer period. Also, it’s more resistant to harsh weather conditions and physical impacts from hits than the roll-form.


Some of the paint finish used on aluminum windows include urethane, polyester, Kynar, etc.  With some testing done by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), it derived the rating for aluminum finishes. The rating has three grades of 2605, 2604, and 2603, with 2605 being the best among all. The testing was to ascertain chalk resistance, color retention, erosion resistance, etc.


The elevation of your aluminum windows has a significant impact on the fading processing. Windows that are exposed to sunshine tend to fade faster than those hidden by shades. The fast fading is attributed to the effects of UV rays from the sun. So you can plan the positioning of your windows properly while you’re drawing the building plan for your house.

  • Can sliding doors slide both ways?

Yes, sliding doors can slide both ways. Some of the available sliding doors can stack to one side or stack two sides to the left or right. Other designs can even disappear into wall pockets.


The possibility of a dual sliding design starts from the panel configuration. Sometimes manufacturers can design both sides to stack behind each other. They can also design the two doors to stack on the left side or the right side.


Manufacturers can keep one of the panels stationary to achieve the one-side sliding mechanism while the adjacent panel stacks behind it on one side. For a two-way sliding, the manufacturers can split the panels to stack on two sides of the door opening.


After stacking, the door usually appears like a single-panel door when viewed from both outsides or inside the house.


Another design you can find is the disappearing panel design. The manufacturers design the panels so that they disappear into an open-wall pocket to create one full opening.

  • Are sliding wardrobes better than doors?

Sliding wardrobe doors are better than doors because they don’t need extra space in front before opening. They are also more modern and suit contemporary architectural styles. Another advantage of sliding wardrobe doors is that they create more space to occupy your stuff. Moreover, they open from one side to the other, enabling you to open them easily.


One other reason to prefer sliding wardrobe doors is that they’re durable and stable. They don’t require hinges and, as such, can last longer. Moreover, if you don’t have enough space in your room, sliding wardrobe doors can be better for you.


The only downside is that you can’t view everything in your wardrobe at the same time. So, you will have to slide to the left or right to check your belongings.

  • Are Windows cheaper than walls?

Brick walls are cheaper for low rise buildings (ie. single storey homes) than windows.  Glass and windows become cheaper as the building rises above two storeys.  This is due to the fact that scaffolding and labour to carry bricks and cement mortar in high rise buildings becomes more complex and costly than carrying glass and windows. 

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