Stacker vs Sliding Door

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What is the difference between Stacker Folding Doors and Sliding Doors?

Two very interesting types of aluminum doors are the stacker door and the sliding door. They both have large glass panes which provide the house owner(s) efficient sunlight and a great view. Also, both doors are opened and closed by movable panels that slide on a track. And if you are considering a home renovation, the sliding door or stacking door can be a great addition to your home.

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However, there are a couple of notable distinctions between them, which we will discuss in this article. Before that, let’s review them individually:

Sliding Doors:

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The aluminum sliding door is a familiar door around the globe. It generally consists of two (or more) door panels of equal length. One of the doors can be slid horizontally to open and close while another panel remains fixed. It is a great option if you’re located in a temperate region or warm and climatically stable areas. 

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The sliding door has a large glass that gives you a great feeling of sync with your environment. It is a superb choice if you have a patio. And in case of external flying objects and insects, flyscreens can be installed and configured properly to hinder mosquitos and flies from coming into the house.

Folding Stacker Doors:

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The stacker door, much similar to the sliding door, brings sufficient natural light into the room. However, it has multiple sliding and folding panels that stack behind one another and which move parallel to each other. 

If you have a large doorway space and you’re interested in entertaining at home, then this is your door. However, the stacker door should be installed in a location that can bring in enough sunlight into your home.

Just like the sliding door, flyscreen’s can be installed to keep insects and flying objects away.

While it is true that both doors are confused with being the same and are used interchangeably, they aren’t. They might serve similar benefits, but these benefits differ according to functionality and the users’ requests. So, let’s look at a few differences between the two aluminum doors. 

Stacker Folding Doors vs. Sliding Doors

  • The stacker door has a larger view than the sliding door. It provides a larger panoramic view.
  • In sliding doors, the sliding panel is an exact half of the total door width. This makes the usable space for the door to be only half the total size of the door.  But the stacker door can have a space for up to 5-6 door panels. Meaning, one can open one or two panels in the entire door.
  • The stacker door provides the room a greater avenue for natural light to fill the room. Thus saving more expenses on the light and heating bill.
  • The stacker door makes it very much easier to move large furniture in and out of the house.
  • The sliding door is perfect if you desire a larger doorway but lack doorway space.


Stacking and sliding aluminum doors are a popular choice of doors in America. They offer excellent benefits to the house owner(s) and are also affordable. One should, however, note to contact an expert for counseling and installations. 

While choosing which to pick, if your doorway is much spacious, then choose the stacker door. But if you’ve got a smaller doorway and still desire openness, the sliding patio door is a great option. Your home structure determines the type of door you should choose.

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