How Long Should Aluminium Windows Last?

how long will aluminium windows last Sigmadoors

How Long Should Aluminium Windows Last?

Aluminium window exterior Sigmadoors When it comes to lifespan, the aluminum window is one of the most durable materials used. It is lightweight, requires no frequent maintenance, and is relatively affordable. Unlike wood, aluminum is resistant to eroding from moisture. But, it has its disadvantages. Although aluminum windows can last up to 45 years or more, the life expectancies of windows do vary. 

And you might just be asking, “How long should my aluminium windows last me?” Well, it’s important to note that the long term performance of a window depends on numerous conditions and factors. However, the quality of any window’s performance, in the long run, is determined by the manufacturer. The same window quality can last 20 years longer in a different region or vice versa.

What Factors Affect the Lifespan of an Aluminum Window?

As we’ve stated earlier, aluminum material is, in general, a very long-lasting, low-maintenance material. It can also be destroyed if you do not know the conditions that favor and don’t favor it. So what factors affect the long-run performance of the aluminum window? We are about to find out!

  • Location and Climate Conditions:

home insulation building insulation, ceiling insulation, sigmadoors, aluminium window insulation, aluminium window insulation lifespan of aluminium windows SigmadoorsAluminum windows are a very great choice in regions of high humidity and rainy seasons. They are most effective in mild weather conditions. The metallic frame can resist climatic elements, and it isn’t affected by water moisture.

But when it comes to harsh weather conditions, aluminum is not an ideal option. Some locations that will discourage the use of aluminum windows are:

  • Areas of extreme climate: Aluminium is a terrible insulator. If energy efficiency is a consideration, then an aluminum window is at a disadvantage there. This is because aluminum has a high U-value and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient).

The U-value measures the amount of heat a material can lose with time. Materials with lower U-values are better insulators and keep the house warmer. SHGC is a measurement of the solar heat that goes through glass. A good window has a lower U-value and lower SHGC.

Aluminum windows regularly have high U-values and SGHCs, meaning they conducted more heat and cold into the homes. However, modern aluminum manufacturers produce newer materials with a very high-temperature tolerance, reducing the worries. 

  • Regions around the Seas: While aluminum windows are a good option for rainy areas, they are prone to corrosion. This corrosion is a result of exposure to atmospheric sea salt. Like all other metals, when exposed to salt, aluminum corrodes with time.
  • Moisture and Alu-clad: The Alu-clad is a type of aluminum window that is made from a combination of aluminum and hardwood. This makes the window very insulated, keeping the house warm. Yet, the clad in the Aluminium-clad window is still prone to eroding from moisture and rain.


  • Installation:

Preparing to install doors and windows installation of aluminium windows SigmadoorsWhat most house-owners fail to understand is that the quality of the installation should be highly prioritized. A good quality aluminum window can underperform and even wear off with time if poorly installed. That is why we highly advise that you consult experts on your window installation. A few bucks today can save your neck someday.

  • Utility:

In theory, all home or office windows are created to be, let’s say, 100% effective. As you continue to use them, the more you utilize them, the more they are prone to malfunctions. And we realize that it’s the windows we use the most that develop faults fasted. Although, some of these faults can be repaired at no affordable cost.


Aluminum windows are one of the most effective and long-lasting windows one can choose. We also note that location, amongst a few other factors, matters so much to the lifespan of your window.  

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