Glass Balustrades

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Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are great additions internally and externally to buildings for different purposes. Though several materials such as wood, aluminium, and others have been used in the past for balustrades, glass has recently become a popular choice for most modern and renovated buildings. 

Glass balustrades offer you unique personal space for a balcony, patio, and terrace. Also, they could serve as a support for your staircases and provide an adequate shield against the wind through an external overview. Their installation could either be a frame (usually aluminium) or frameless. Irrespective of the option you choose to install, glass balustrades remain elegant, classy, and aesthetically appealing on buildings.

Keep reading to learn more benefits and clarity on some questions about glass balustrades.

Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Here are the benefits of installing glass balustrades.

  • Enhance the Value and Aesthetic Appeal

With glass balustrades, your building gains a classic and aesthetic appeal. The beauty that flows with the sleekness and elegance of glass transforms your house with a great and impressive look. There’s always a sophisticated feeling that comes with the reflective nature of glass. So, if you’re contemplating selling your house, you can add to its value using glass balustrades in different sections of the building.  

  • Allow Light Passage

Glass balustrades allow clear passage of light in the house. Using the transparent glass ensures that there is no light block out. Also, sunlight could shine through and increase the illuminating effects of natural lights within the building with glass railings. 

  • Create Illusion Space

One of the outstanding benefits of having glass balustrades is that they create an illusion of additional space in your building. Using them for high areas like stairs and shower screens or doors provides sleek transparent borders. Hence, with its created illusion, anyone will get the feel of a massive, open, and fresh area.

  • Improve Safety

Despite the natural glass, the use of glass balustrades is an addition to the safety measures of your building. More to their decorative appearance, glass balustrades will beef up the security with your stairs, balcony, swimming pools, patio, and other places you installed them.

  • Simple maintenance

These balustrades are very easy and simple to maintain. Glass doesn’t corrode and will require no special treatment for its maintenance, unlike most other balustrades’ materials such as wood and metal. Cleaning the glass with just a normal cleaner and polishing will require a few minutes to complete. 

How high should a glass balustrade be?

The recommended height for a glass balustrade is 1 meter. However, when it’s used for protecting a pool site, the height should be about 1.2 meters. Also, ensure the maintenance of safety through the Grade A safety glass.

How thick should balcony glass be?

For most glass balconies or balustrades, the thickness should be between 10mm tempered glass to 15mm tempered glass. Remember that structural glass balustrades should have more thickness to ensure their safety and protection for users.

What is frameless glass balustrade?

Frameless glass balustrades are panels of glass that offer a protective fence or support for a given space or area. There is no frame attached for frameless glass balustrades, which leaves the edges of the panels bare. You can install the balustrades on stairways, terraces, balconies, swimming pools, patios, and others.

Is glass balustrade hard to keep clean?

The balustrades are easy and simple to clean and maintain. They don’t require special treatment for maintenance as they are non-corrosive. With a clean cloth, you can regularly wipe them clean without any stress. Also, frequent cleaning with any dishwashing soap and water would remove stains and keep the glass sparkling and shining. 

How do you keep glass balustrades clean?

You can keep the balustrades clean by regularly washing with any regular dishwashing soap. The process requires the use of warm water and your washing sponge. Once you’re done with the washing, you would rinse the glass clean and either dry with a clean non-fluffy cloth or air dry.

How do you clean glass balustrades?

The balustrades do get dirty and should be regularly cleaned to maintain their shining and reflective property. You can clean the glass balustrades by scrubbing the surface with any dishwashing soap and sponge. Then, rinse with warm water and dry with a clean, non-fluffy cloth or allow them to air dry.

Does glass balustrades need to be laminated?

Balustrade glass could be tempered or laminated glass. However, using laminated glass for balustrade glass has great advantages, especially during cases of accidents. Usually, laminated glass could crack without shattering into tiny pieces. There’s a plastic layer in the middle of the baked layers of laminated glass. Hence, they provide higher protective measures and fewer injuries to people on sites of accidents.

Should a glass balustrades have movement?

A glass balustrade shouldn’t have movement in any of its components. Once you detect a moveable part, it should be fixed immediately to avoid having an accident.

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