Security Gates

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Security Gates and Slam Lock Gate

Security gates help prevent burglary, theft, break-ins and provide security and access control. You can find them in stores, parks, airports, train stations, a mall, an office, live-in apartments, etc. These gates are used worldwide; in companies, industries, live in homes, airports, etc. 

cheap security gates, security gates makro, builders warehouse security gates, security gates for sale, SigmadoorsOn the other hand, a slam lock gate is a stress-free gate that locks immediately when it’s been shut, which makes it easier to control access and prevent vandalism.

Below are frequently asked questions on security gates; answers will guide you through why you need them and the choice of security gates for specific buildings and structures.

How many types of security gates are there?

There are numerous types of security gates, but they all depend on the structure of the building. However, the five main types include Slide gates, Swing gates, vertical lift gates, vertical pivot gates, and Bi-folding gates. These security gates come in Manual, Automatic, or Electric designs.

How much does a security gate cost to install?

The cost of installing a security gate depends solely on the type of gate, the material, and the facility space in question.

Averagely automatic gates cost about R5000 – R7500.

Manual gates cost about R3500 – R5000

But other factors can affect the prices such as the material, size and type of power used for the gate.

What are security gates called?

Security gates are called entrance gates, used in entrances to residences, malls, airports, train stations, schools, churches, etc.

Do driveway gates improve security?

Driveway gates is the first entrance to any establishment, home, apartment or public organization.

These gates do improve security because it’s at this point that vehicles are checked and access regulated. For instance, uninvited guests and visitors can’t barge in; pests and children can’t wander off.

With the driveway gate, security is increased and guaranteed, not forgetting peace of mind and improved property ambiance.

Do electric gates add value to a property?

Gates give ambiance to a property or facility where it’s installed. So when we mention Electric gates, it goes from its cost to appearance and design. It improves the overall look of the property.

If you want to sell the property with an electric gate, the cost value will become higher. Electric gates impress property buyers because it’s easily managed and have a higher security advantage. 

Owners can control it from inside and outside. Also, you can sit in the comfort of your car and manage it. The value electric gates add to a property cannot be underestimated.

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Are driveway gates a good idea?

Driveway gates serve as a means of protecting both humans and properties and giving a security boost to the environment. But they play a major role in enhancing the beauty and ambiance of the building, facility, or home.

When a driveway is installed in front of a facility, building, mall, or public shuttle station, it allows for checking vehicles, controlling access, and restricting intruders and burglars.

It also adds value to the property by improving the appeal, making the property attractive to prospective buyers.

Do driveway gates add value?

As said earlier, it does add value both to the property and people who access it. Installation of a driveway, for instance, at the entrance of a live-in apartment, can improve the appeal and increase the cost value when sold.

Also, if installed in a mall, it gives clients a sense of security while shopping. This feeling will, in turn, increases patronage, which eventually leads to an increase in the income generation of the mall.

Also, at the airports, train stations, schools, there is a feeling of peace of mind that security can’t be breached, which increases patronage and rest of the mind for travelers.  

Should driveway gates open in or out?

It is safer for driveway gates to open in because it will help reduce the clustering of vehicles and pedestrians at the entrance and enable perfect access control. 


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