Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Energy: What Is Better?

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Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Energy

One of the most heated and vigorous debates in the contemporary academic domain is about renewable energy and nuclear energy.

Both the efficient energy alternatives have garnered split global support, decades of research and billions in multi-currency investments. The question, however, still lingers whether nuclear energy should be the primary option. Or the alternative/ renewable energy resources can cope with the overwhelming demands efficiently.

The debate transcends mere statistics and plans. Furthermore, the sectors conforming to energy efficient standards are also looking to see the result of the seeming perpetual debate. However, the primary focus in this article would be on the application of the environment-friendly alternatives in the housing sector. It shall cover the usage of energy alternatives from the mere doors and windows to a more significant overall scenario. That is the scenario of an efficient and green household.

wind power, solar energy, renewable energy sources, alternative energy sources, nuclear energy, SigmadoorsRenewable Energy or Nuclear Energy

The current deplorable condition of the depleting and carbon-emitting resources is an extremely well-known fact around the world. The era when fossil fuels powered the large, boisterous industries and upcoming modern cities is approaching an end.

The rising scale of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases have merely rendered the fossil fuel alternative obsolete. The pollution, harmful emission, and global warming together have demanded a new, more efficient and less dangerous option.

Alternative Energy Sources

A few decades ago, the options came to light in the form of alternative energy. Countless scientists undertook long hauled research and bags full of money and contributed to the development of these alternative sources.

They developed sources in the form of solar, wind, hydro and other significant forms of energy. Unsurprisingly, the results were revolutionary. The current scenario involves a large section of the global population conforming to these environmentally efficient methods.

However, the quest didn’t stop there. The next big revolution was the harnessing of nuclear energy. The results were impressive and significantly sustainable. However, the results took a massive monetary and economic toll.

Sustainable Energy Sources

The debate then began regarding the overall credibility and sustainability of both the options. Various other scientific and economic factors were also taken into consideration. The result was mostly a tied-up situation; however, a more intricate look on a list of factors would shift the favor towards alternative energy sources-

  1. One of the most critical factors that discredit nuclear energy from becoming the primary energy source is the unpreparedness of the sector. Even after the significant investments and efforts, nuclear energy resources have not reached a level of adequate prominence. The current nuclear scenario consists of inefficient 2nd generation reactors which aren’t equipped to provide energy on a large scale. The 3rd generation reactors are efficient but not as efficient when compared to renewable sources. Moreover, the 3rd generation reactors are heavy on budget and still a work in progress.

Reliable Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy resources on the other hand, like wind and solar energy sources, are effortlessly dominating. This is because of the cost-effective and efficient characteristics of reliable renewable energy sources.

Nuclear Energy Factors

  1. Another undermined factor about nuclear energy is the amount of emission that takes place. For instance, during the mining of raw materials like uranium. The uranium deposits are further depleting. Thus in the future, the frequency of mining and the subsequent emission are expected to increase. This ultimately invalidates the very intention of efficient energy alternatives.
  2. In addition to the non-periodic energy supply and monetary inefficiency, the problems regarding the waste bi-product formed and its management is worth acknowledging. There are currently no waste management repositories in the whole world that can contain nuclear waste. Even if a project were to be initiated, the cost would be too high. To build a nuclear repository that is capable of over thousands of years of containment seems like a long shot.

Therefore, the notion is a bit more refined than the alternative energy resources are still holding the edge over their nuclear counterparts.

What requires attention next is the housing sector now. It is dependent and factorable into the renewable energy domain. Various housing products like aluminium windows and doors, glass doors, etc. and even more concepts have emerged these days. Hence, it’s now possible to make households energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Housing

Renewable energy resources have played an integral role in a lot of industries and sectors. Housing sectors are one of the major sectors which have benefited from renewable energy concepts in numerous ways.

The concept of making the house energy efficient is not only just an option but a growing necessity. People all over the world have already taken steps to do so. With the use of energy efficient aluminium windows, aluminium doors, better-equipped shower doors, etc. people make many housing changes for efficiency.

wind power, solar energy, renewable energy sources, alternative energy sources, nuclear energy, SigmadoorsThe need for making one’s home energy efficient comes merely from the fact that it’s cost-efficient. In addition to that, alleviated the comfort gradient, adds value to the resale number, and fore mostly it’s environment-friendly.

Windows and doors contribute extensively in making a house efficient. The right products and information can transform a home into an efficient, safely insured and comfortable living space.

Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

It’s best to skim through the varying options provided by mere doors and windows provide. This is to understand the role of renewable energy in the housing spectrum –

  • Doors

Doors to a house are the undebatable defining factors. Not only do they carry an esteemed aesthetic value, but also the maiden protection responsibility. A change of front doors can have a profound effect on the structure of the house. Doors are a major factor of the overall design of any house. Not only does it provide security, but it is also responsible for factors like thermal performance, moisture protection, daylighting and aesthetics. A door plays an essential role in the overall design and performance.

For the house to become more efficient, a change of doors can help.

Newer entrance doors have a better insulation effect and thus lower heating effect and prolonged cooling.

To have this augmented thermal effect, the use of aluminium doors or aluminium folding doors is advised. aluminium doors have glass layering which prevents conduction of heat and reduce air permeability. This glass layering is called glazing and is often used to make the house more efficient.

Furthermore, the use of aluminium sliding doors offers enhanced protection in case of heavy winds and storms. The heavy-duty sliding structure of an aluminium sliding door makes sure the door stays intact in aggressive scenarios.

Another great addition to an efficient house is that of folding doors. Especially, aluminium folding doors are an efficient way to alleviate the housing standards. The foldable doors, when closed, are a canvas of glass which allows a panoramic view of the outdoors. This also enables incorporation of flooding natural light which is quite essential. As compared to aluminium window French doors, folding doors offer more security. Their compressed panels also make sure the thermal and air permeability is in check. The ventilation through the widely spaced folding doors is utterly sufficient too.

Furthermore, aluminium doors are much more credible than wooden doors. In addition to energy efficiency, aluminium doors are much easier to maintain, more cost effective and highly durable. They also spruce up the entrance with a modernized and bright look.

With a cost range of R6000-R30000 aluminium doors, the house is not only more protected but also more thermally efficient.

  • Windows

Another factor that plays a vital role in augmenting thermal efficiency and making the house more energy efficient are windows. Windows are an essential part of the overall structure of the house. Windows are a source of natural light. However, they also decide the level of permeability and thermal exchange a house should have.

Windows are primarily used as a barrier in the house. The main component of the window that decides the majority of the factors is the frame used. ?

Primarily, aluminium window frames are widely used now because of many reasons. The frames are used extensively because of their insulation properties and added protection. Not only is aluminium a durable material but the glazed surface prevents unneeded air and thermal exchange.

aluminium is also used extensively because the material is highly flexible in availability. This allows a large variety in standard aluminium window sizes. The use of aluminium frames also allows wider and clearer screen installation. This, therefore, allows more daylight and subsequently enhances the clarity of the outdoor vision.

A better option for an efficient home is also the use of compression seal windows like the awning windows. These windows offer better water resistance and filtration of the air. Since these windows can be opened entirely, they also provide an efficient ventilation option.

Another thing to keep in mind is the maintenance of the aluminium windows. The best way to maintain aluminium frame windows is to anodize the aluminium frames. This protects it from environmental factors such as moisture and humidity. Furthermore, the glass window panes require regular cleansing with normal water.

aluminium windows also serve as efficient replacement windows. In events of a storm or other natural calamity, they are easily replaced. That is only if they are not able to withhold the cause, which they usually do.

aluminium window prices are furthermore cost efficient than the wooden counterparts. The range is usually limited from R100-R150 per square meter.

For further modernized guides, various forums and blogs can be referred to.

To gain access to this wide range of products, it’s best to have credible sources. The availability of these aluminium doors and windows is always an issue. However, various well stocked online entities can be referred to for help. Companies like Sigmadoors, etc. are known for their diverse catalog of efficient and quality products.

The Choice Between Renewable Energy and Nuclear Energy

These are the factors that contribute to the overall energy efficiency in household scenarios. In addition to these cases, renewable energy resources like solar panels, hydro generators, etc., are used in industrial situations efficiently.

According to various reports and surveys, the use of renewable energy in the industrial sectors has seen an upgrade of up to 5%. The increased use is countered by nuclear use of 3%. Even though renewable energy sources are leading the statistics, the use of energy efficient alternatives is a positive sign.

The statistics also point to the fact that the use of alternative resources has increased in double margins since the beginning of the last decade. Bio-mass, hydroelectricity, solar energy, etc. are been used extensively throughout the world.

The nuclear energy, however, is dealing with other problematic factors the only efficient grade reactors, that it, the 3rd generation and the 3rd+ generation are not available for extensive use. The former is only available in 3 countries while the latter is still not in existence and is constructed. Even if nuclear energy is an innovative and efficient alternative, it is not yet equipped with the practical tendencies to provide on a global scale.

In conclusion, renewable energy resources are holding the edge in the contemporary energy scenario. The nuclear energy sources are offering their contribution but still lack the refined capabilities to accommodate the efficient energy demands on a global scale. However, as we have seen, both have their own upsides as well as downsides. It is all about the requirements and the planning that we have in mind.

Furthermore, they are numerous ways to use alternative concepts and techniques to make one’s house energy efficient. The various uses of aluminium in aluminium doors and windows, etc., can alleviate a house’s energy efficiency and make it environment-friendly which is the least contribution one can make in the increasing necessity of environment-friendly acts. Ensure that all your actions are with the thought of the environment in mind. Your actions will lay the path for the younger generation as well. The choices that you make in terms of saving the environment today will eventually lead to them having a safe and secure future.

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