21 Shopfront Doors and Windows Design Ideas

21 Shopfront Doors and Windows Design Ideas aluminium shopfronts aluminum shop front aluminium shop front doors shop front window Sigmadoors

21 Shopfront Doors and Windows Design Ideas

A well-designed aluminium shopfront can attract customers and make a strong first impression. Here are 21 design ideas for shopfront doors and windows that blend functionality and style to enhance your business’s curb appeal.

1. Full-Glass Doors and WindowsFull-Glass Doors and Windows shopfronts Sigmadoors

Modern and Transparent

Full-glass doors and windows provide a modern, transparent look, allowing customers to see inside your store.

Design Tip

Use minimal framing for a sleek, contemporary appearance and ensure the glass is tempered for safety.

2. Arched Windows and DoorsArched Windows and Doors storefront doors Sigmadoors

Architectural Elegance

Arched windows and doors add architectural elegance and soften the overall look of your shopfront.

Design Tip

Pair with decorative molding or trim to enhance the classic appeal.

3. Pivot DoorsAluminium shopfront doors Pivot Doors Sigmadoors

Unique and Stylish

Pivot doors offer a unique and stylish entrance, rotating on a central hinge for a modern twist.

Design Tip

Use large, frameless glass panels to maximize the visual impact.

4. Steel Frame Windows and DoorsSteel Frame Windows and Doors shopfront doors Sigmadoors

Industrial Chic

Steel frame windows and doors provide an industrial chic look, adding durability and style.

Design Tip

Pair with exposed brick or concrete for a cohesive industrial aesthetic.

5. Sliding Glass DoorsSliding Glass Doors Shopfronts Sigmadoors

Space-Saving Solution

Sliding glass doors save space and create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

Design Tip

Choose high-quality sliding mechanisms for smooth operation and durability.

6. Double-Door EntranceAluminium shopfront Double-Door Entrance Sigmadoors

Grand and Inviting

A double-door entrance creates a grand and inviting look, perfect for larger storefronts.

Design Tip

Use glass panels to maintain transparency and add decorative handles for a touch of elegance.

7. Dutch DoorsDutch Doors shopfronts Sigmadoors

Functional and Charming

Dutch doors, which can be opened separately on the top and bottom, add a functional and charming element to your shopfront.

Design Tip

Paint each half in contrasting colors for a playful touch.

8. French DoorsFrench Doors Sigmadoors

Elegant and Timeless

French doors with multiple panes of glass offer an elegant and timeless look.

Design Tip

Use frosted or textured glass for added privacy while maintaining the elegant look.

9. Colored FramesColored Frames shopfronts Sigmadoors

Bold and Eye-Catching

Colored frames for doors and windows add a bold and eye-catching element to your shopfront.

Design Tip

Choose colors that complement your brand identity and overall design scheme.

10. Bi-Fold DoorsBi-Fold Doors aluminium shopfronts Sigmadoors

Flexible and Open

Bi-fold doors provide a flexible entrance, folding back to create an open and inviting space.

Design Tip

Use in combination with large windows for maximum openness and light.

11. Frosted GlassAluminium shopfront doors Frosted Glass Sigmadoors

Privacy and Style

Frosted glass windows and doors offer privacy while maintaining a stylish and modern look.

Design Tip

Incorporate your logo or brand elements into the frosting design for a personalized touch.

12. Vintage Wooden DoorsVintage Wooden Doors shopfront doors Sigmadoors

Rustic and Inviting

Vintage wooden doors add a rustic and inviting feel, perfect for boutique shops and cafes.

Design Tip

Use reclaimed wood or a distressed finish to enhance the vintage appeal.

13. Stained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows shopfronts Sigmadoors

Colorful and Artistic

Stained glass windows add a colorful and artistic element, making your shopfront stand out.

Design Tip

Use in smaller accent windows or door panels for a subtle yet impactful design.

14. Recessed EntrywayAluminium and glass shopfronts Recessed Entryway Sigmadoors

Cozy and Welcoming

A recessed entryway creates a cozy and welcoming entrance, providing shelter from the elements.

Design Tip

Use decorative tiles or an interesting floor pattern in the entryway to add visual interest.

15. Mirrored GlassMirrored Glass shopfronts Sigmadoors

Reflective and Modern

Mirrored glass windows provide a reflective and modern look, adding depth and a sense of space.

Design Tip

Ensure the mirrors are high-quality and positioned to reflect attractive views.

16. Accordion Glass DoorsAccordion Glass Doors shopfronts ideas Sigmadoors

Expansive Openings

Accordion glass doors open wide to create expansive openings, perfect for retail spaces that want to blend indoor and outdoor areas.

Design Tip

Use robust, weather-resistant materials to ensure durability and smooth operation.

17. Iron Grill AccentsIron Grill Accents shopfront design ideas Sigmadoors

Decorative and Secure

Iron grill accents on windows and doors add a decorative element while providing extra security.

Design Tip

Choose intricate patterns that complement your shop’s overall aesthetic.

18. Canopy WindowsShopfront Canopy Windows Sigmadoors

Charming and Functional

Canopy windows that open outward provide charm and functionality, allowing for ventilation while keeping out the rain.

Design Tip

Pair with traditional or rustic shopfront designs for a cohesive look.

19. Floor-to-Ceiling WindowsAluminium and glass shopfronts Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Sigmadoors

Maximized Light and Views

Floor-to-ceiling windows maximize natural light and provide unobstructed views into your shop.

Design Tip

Use sleek, minimalistic frames to enhance the modern look.

20. Transom WindowsShopfronts Transom Windows Sigmadoors

Classic Detail

Transom windows above doors add a classic detail and allow additional light into your shop.

Design Tip

Use frosted or decorative glass for added style and privacy.

21. Window BoxesWindow Boxes shopfronts Sigmadoors

Green and Inviting

Window boxes filled with flowers or greenery add a welcoming touch and enhance your shop’s curb appeal.

Design Tip

Choose plants that thrive in your climate and coordinate with your shop’s color scheme.

These 21 shopfront door and window design ideas can help you create an inviting and attractive entrance for your business. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a rustic, vintage charm, there’s a design to suit your style and attract more customers.

Benefits of Aluminium shopfronts

Shopfronts is one of the most important parts of your store. It is a real reflection of what your business is all about, and the design can depend on the industry in which you operate. It should communicate the exact image that you want the customers to associate with you. There are many designs available, so you can come up with the best look for your business to engage your current customers as well as potential customers. One option you should try out is Aluminium and glazed installations.

Aluminium shopfronts are popular due to the fact that they can be shaped and cut into different configurations. Aluminium is versatile in nature and its flexibility allows it to be a perfect choice for both new builds and retrofit installations. It allows some irregular angles and some areas that are odd shaped to be integrated into the design very seamlessly.

The benefits of selecting Aluminium shopfronts include:

  • It is a perfect frame for very heavy automatic doors. This helps serve the shopfront doors that need to be used frequently by customers as they come in and out of the shop. The Aluminium should be able to easily handle the demand and strain.
  • It is a material that is strong and durable as well. These are the traits that make Aluminium such an amazing selection for all your needs.
  • Aluminium is also suitable for most geographical areas regardless of the climatic conditions. This means that it can withstand the elements without alteration to its quality.
  • For any business, security is an important aspect that has to be considered. As such, you need to choose a shopfront that will be secure from any external threats, including theft and burglary. Aluminium is able to offer your shopfront increased security, thwarting any burglary attempts that may be made.

For businesses that are environmentally conscious, Aluminium stands as a perfect choice. Despite having a percentage of recycled metal most times, it is still versatile and very durable. This is exactly what your shopfront really needs at all times.


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