Cladding – Styles & Tips

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The Benefits of Cladding

Cladding is the addition of other components or materials to the basic structure on its external surface. The materials added to a building could aesthetically improve its beauty, enhance its thermal energy efficiency, or more. 

ctm cladding stones tile africa cladding ctm cladding cladding stones for sale sigmadoorsThough the application of cladding components is on the external structure of a building, they do not affect the building’s stability. Some of the cladding system components include filters, outer layer, brackets, insulation, cavity barriers, fixings, gaskets, flashing, sealants, membranes, and others.

Types of Wall Cladding

There are different types of wall cladding based on the material used in manufacturing. Below are some of the available types of wall cladding.

  • Stone Cladding

cladding stones cladding for sale cladding stones prices in south africa ctm cladding stones tile africa cladding ctm cladding cladding stones for sale sigmadoorsStone cladding provides a natural appearance to the walls of your building. Its look depicts luxury and elegance while adding a touch of a beautiful conventional setting to the building. It has different varieties depending on the stone used for the cladding. These include marble, slates, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, and granite. Generally, stone claddings are lightweight and are the most highly-rated wall cladding material. 

The cost of getting stone cladding is quiet on the high side, but it’s very durable and easy to maintain through a DIY procedure. As stone is a non-porous material, it won’t allow the penetration of water and other substances through it. Hence, you can use it in your different home sections, such as living rooms, bathrooms, indoor gardens, kitchens, and others. Also, stains are not quite visible on stone cladding as it conceals stains perfectly. Stone cladding is one of the best exterior wall cladding.

  • Wooden Cladding 

Wooden cladding is the next highly popular and rated type of cladding besides stone cladding. Also, it’s aesthetically appealing and attractive. The materials are usually from cedar and redwood trees, and the cladding process could be laid horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. They are the perfect material for making siding boards.

It’s quite expensive to install and maintain wooden cladding. You must ensure to coat the surface of the wood with anti-rotting pigment that will help in preserving the material and prevent warping. Also, proper maintenance will promote its weather-resistance qualities.

Moreover, wooden cladding provides great thermal insulation that is environmentally-friendly and durable.

  • Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl cladding is another good exterior wall cladding that provides your building with a stylish beauty and looks. It comprises polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that could be customized in the form of cladding wall tiles. 

Using PVC cladding is a great means to meet your cladding projects when you’re on a lower budget. Its cost and quality are lower than those of stone and wooden cladding. But, vinyl cladding is still durable with proper maintenance. With galvanization, you could improve the weather resistance ability of the vinyl cladding. Moreover, you have the opportunity to customize the texture, color, and design of the PVC.

  • Aluminum Cladding 

cladding stones cladding for sale cladding stones prices in south africa ctm cladding stones tile africa cladding ctm cladding cladding stones wall cladding sigmadoorsAluminum cladding is also a great material for both interior and exterior wall cladding. It’s lightweight in comparison to some materials such as stone, steel, wood, and others. So, its installation is very easy. With the application of the right technological processes, aluminum cladding is quite robust and lasts for several decades.

Furthermore, the design of aluminum cladding could be in different sizes, shapes, and finishes to satisfy your choice. It’s very simple to maintain as normal wiping with clothing is a great cleaning option. It’s resistant to most harsh weather conditions. Also, aluminum is eco-friendly and can be easily recycled or reused.

  • Steel Cladding 

Steel Cladding is a form of metal though it’s an alloy from the combination of iron and carbon. But the steel material used for cladding is usually stainless steel that has up to 10% composition of chromium to enhance its corrosion resistance.

The cladding has low moisture absorption. Hence, it prevents your building from getting damp. However, it could be quite noisy during rainfall.

  • Glass cladding 

Glass cladding is a classy and outstanding material for both interior and exterior wall cladding. It provides a unique aesthetic appearance to your building. It’s quite expensive, and its installation demands utmost care to ensure precision and avoid casualties. 

The glass walls are weather-proof and resistant to heat, rain, and other elements. It doesn’t undergo corrosion and serves as a great transmitter of light. Also, you can get glass panels in different shapes to suit your choice.

Purpose for Cladding 

Many individuals have different needs for cladding the walls of their buildings. Some of these purposes include

  • Maintenance of thermal energy efficiency.
  • Aesthetics improvement.
  • Provision of sound insulation and absorption.
  • Set up an internally controlled environment. 
  • Provision of security and privacy.
  • Serve as an exterior façade.
  • Protection against effects of external conditions.
  • Eliminate fire spread during an outbreak.
  • Maintenance of an airtight atmosphere.
  • Decrease the absorption of water and other chemicals.

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