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Security Doors, Burglar Doors / Security Gates 

Security doors are tough doors designed to protect a home, office, or building from intruders—humans, animals, and insects. In this present time, there are several reasons why anyone would want to install security gates/doors in their homes. Notably, these doors are designed from top-quality metal and other tough materials. 

That said, we mustn’t overlook the fact that the main aim of security gates is to prevent unwanted intrusion into the home, office, or buildings.Security door open Sigmadoors

  • Slam Lock security door types (trellidors, xpanda, etc.)

As discussed in the section above, burglar doors are designed to keep off all kinds of intruders. Also, it’s important to note that these doors comprise different kinds. That said, what are the various kinds of security gates?

  • Button Gates/Doors

This is one of the most famous and widely-adopted security doors used around the globe. This kind of door functions in a basic pattern. It comprises a security locking system connected to the door handle, where the users can input a pin (numerical password). Here, the locking system will open only when the pin is correct. However, if the user doesn’t get the password, he’d need professional assistance to log open the door.

  • Stainless Steel Security Door Systems

The stainless-steel electrical system is somewhat more luxurious than the previous one. Furthermore, it provides a very efficient and high degree of protection for users. Its lock system comes with a 3-point locking structure reinforced with stainless steel. Thus, the security door is almost impossible to burgle. 

Additionally, the stainless steel frame is extremely heavy, easily reinforcing its great security and locking system for the house, office, etc.

  • Trellidors

Then, we have the trellidor, which is common among many houses. This kind of burglar door utilizes a trellidor system that comprises iron. It’s also called expendable security gate, concertina gate, or steel folding security gate. You can lock the retractor lock the doors using only a single swipe. Furthermore, if you want additional security, you can still lock the doors using a lock and key or bolt to access your home security. 

Usually, the locks of trellidors are on the door’s right-hand side, and you can also use them outside your main door to provide maximum security. 

  • Phone Access Security Door Systems

Security doors that come with phone entry systems operate similar to an IP camera system. Moreover, one major benefit of this security gate over the CCTV camera system is that it enables you to enter your office or home by setting a code word that will turn off the security lock. This works rather than having someone monitoring the CCTV turn it off for you and let you in. 

Additionally, the phone entry system is more affordable when relating to the CCTV system. It uses a voice command that unlocks the security and some pre-installed code phrases to allow people into your home.

  • Roll Up Security Gates

The last set of doors you should know about is the roll-up security door. This set of doors is usually found in commercial places like malls, boutiques, or even in your home garage. The roll-up door comprises a durable, heavy, and sturdy material. Moreover, it’s rather simple to operate. So, you can open or shut it either by yourself (manually) or by remote control, depending on how you want it. burglar gate security doors Sigmadoors

  • Burglar door prices

  • Button Security Doors and Gates

This is a very affordable door system. Usually costs between R164 to R680 for a good quality system.

  • Stainless Steel Security Door Systems

You can purchase a stainless-steel door for around R1,179 to R4,300.

  • Trellidor Security Doors

Security gates security doors trellidor xpanda SigmadoorsUsually, Trellidors cost about R2000 to R10,000.

  • Phone Access Systems

Phone Access Systems cost around R3,200 to R6,000. 

  • Roll Up Security Gates

Typically, roll-up security gates cost around R6200 for a good quality security door. 

  • Burglar bar designs for aluminum windows

  • Sliding and Double Hung Windows. 

For an amazing option of installing burglar bars, sliding and double-hung windows are two you can’t overlook. They are very effective and stay flush with your wall when open. Thus, the bars can’t interrupt the glasses. 

  • Bifold Windows.

This kind of aluminum window is effortlessly one of the most effective burglar designs. This is because the windows are designed to open then stack towards the interior of your room. 

  • Louvre Windows.

Another great option for installing aluminum windows is the louver windows. You can operate these windows from one easy-to-control lever. Additionally, they don’t protrude from your wall even when wide open.

  • Awning Windows. 

If you want to install burglar bars in your Windows, it’s important to understand that this setup doesn’t allow the windows to stretch fully. Thus, limiting them from opening to their full positions

For added security to your home, security doors or burglar bars installation are a must.

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